Welcome to the Haugland farm!


Experience the unique atmosphere of a small farm in southern Norway. Here you can getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquillity of farm life.

The total farm area is 69 acres, with four acres of cultivated land and 65 acres of woodland. There has been agricultural activity on this spot for more than 350 years.

On the farm, we have a few small animals such as lambs, chickens, cats and Stjernen, our 28-year old horse. We grow potatoes and vegetables for our own use. There is always something to do on a farm. People who cannot sit still and who like to roll up their sleeves can help with one of the activities.

It is a beautiful area in southern Norway, surrounded by forests and lakes. For birdwatchers, many species of birds can be observed – for example crossbills, different tits, woodpeckers and owls, nutcrackers and pine grosbeaks. There are also ample opportunities for walking/hiking trips, such as two hiking trails with stunning views over traditional farmsteads.

Within walking distance of the farm lies Lølandmeer lake, where you can find beautiful clear water for swimming or fishing. There is a row boat available for further exploration of the surrounding area with beaver lodges, etc.

For shopping, you can visit Flekkefjord – only 14 km away. It is a pleasant small town on the fjord with an old neighbourhood called “Hollenderbyen” (Hollander City). The district gets its name from trade with the Dutch in the 16th Century.

On the farm, you can choose from four cottages – each with it’s own facilities.

Haugland is a lovely place with personalised service and we will do our best to ensure you have a nice holiday!

Welcome at our farm!
Jan Sverre and Christina

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